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Education and Information

Below are a list of items for both landlords and tenants

Inspection Checklists

 Inspection Checklist

Required Sign Example

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Violation Photo Sheet

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Tenant Consent Form

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Tenant's Rights Form

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Rental Registration  Presentation - December 18th, 2019

PowerPoint Presentation

Rental Registration Presentation - 

February 12th, 2020
PowerPoint Presentation

Mail In Rental Registration 

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Program Overview Flyer

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About us

The City of Omaha Permits and Inspections Division serves as a resource for homeowners, businesses, designers, and contractors. The goal of our staff is to help our customers build safe, healthy and sustainable buildings that comply with applicable codes and regulations. We see ourselves as an integral part of each project team and are committed to establishing positive working relationships with our partners while focusing on problem-solving and delivering exceptional customer service.

Omaha Rental Registration